The 2 Main Things that Determine Almost Everything in Life & Sport – PLUS 10 Things that Don’t Require Any TALENT

‘The 2 things in life you are in TOTAL control over are your ATTITUDE & EFFORT’ – Billy Cox  ATTITUDE: The Choice We Have We know that positive attitude and positive thinking create positive energy allowing us the probability of experiencing success. However, as simple as it sounds, there is one key piece of information […]

The Importance of Effective Goal-Setting

‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’– Antoine de Saint-Exuperys Goal-Setting is one of the most useful skills that are taught in mental training. Goals provide performers with a purpose, direction, and a standard for measuring their progress. Success, growth, and peak performance is determined by how well an athlete or performer has […]


Maintaining Consistency with Our Performance

We have all heard at one point or another that Consistency is the secret to long-term success. Yet, with knowing this we still struggle with trying to lock it down. Well, to be very blunt, there is no long lost secret to achieving Consistency, it is something that we must embrace and ACT upon everyday. […]